Nova Easy Kombucha

*Photos by Christy Radecic for Snapdragon Stadium

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Some things in life are good for you, other things in life are fun. They don't meet each other very often, but when they do, life gets pretty brilliant, pretty quickly.

Nova Easy Kombucha is one of those rare things – where health, balance, and goodness meet. In 2018 a few like-minded brewmasters started exploring the world of fermentation a little deeper, looking for healthier, more natural ways of making kombucha drinks. In southern California, they have found the perfect environment and climate to create our unique kind of kombucha – one that is actually tasty and easy to drink.

We are proud to welcome Nova Easy Kombucha to Snapdragon Stadium!

Name Stadium Location(s)
Nova Easy Kombucha 104; Upper Piers


Location Icon104 Container Bar Location IconPIERS