Tarantino's Gourmet Sausages

Second generation Italian immigrant and World War II Veteran Peter Tarantino began a Foodservice and Manufacturing company over five decades ago in San Diego, California.

From the start, "Old Country" Tarantino traditional Mild Italian and Hot Italian Sausage recipes were instant area successes. With the popularity of the Mild & Hot, Pete Sr. soon added additional traditional varieties: Bratwurst, Chorizo, Breakfast and Kielbasa.

Over the next few decades Pete, Sr’s dedication and ingenuity created one of the Premier Sausage Manufacturers on the west coast. Extraordinary leadership continues with Pete’s children; Pete Tarantino Jr., Mark Tarantino and Bernadette Tarantino.

We are proud to welcome Tarantino’s to Snapdragon Stadium!

Name Neighborhood Locations Stadium Location
Tarantino's Otay Mesa (office HQ) 101; 135; 326; (mobile carts)


Location IconStands 101; 135; 326


Bratwurst with Grilled Onions

Kielbasa with Grilled Onions

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog

Dietary Preferences Key:

Vegan (V) Vegetarian (VG) Gluten Free (GF) Non-Dairy (ND)


Bottled Pepsi Products

Aquafina Bottled Water 20oz


Lipton Iced Tea 18.5oz

Milk (Whole or Chocolate)

Rockstar Energy Drink 16oz