Menú Azteca

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Menú Azteca is a culinary celebration intended to honor the Aztec culture. In collaboration with SDSU's Aztec Identity Initiative, Menú Azteca provides choices that are authentic to or inspired by the indigenous Mexica people (known as Aztecs) and the ancestral homes of the greater Aztec Empire (including Oaxaca, Mexico).


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L-R; Catering Chef Ben Castaneda; Executive Chef Enrique Hernandez; Executive Chef Tiago Battastini; Senior Gen. Manager Carlos Vargas

Four chefs from SDSU Dining, SDSU Catering, and 386 Hospitality at Snapdragon Stadium were part of an SDSU culinary delegation to Oaxaca in 2023.

They trained with some of the most renowned chefs in the region, with the plan to bring new, Oaxacan-inspired recipes and techniques back to SDSU and Snapdragon Stadium.


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L-R; Chef Celia Florian; Cocinera Vicky Hernandez; Chef Rodolfo Castellanos

The trip was designed to significantly diversify SDSU’s culinary offerings and contribute to the university’s mission to “Transcend Borders.”

Watch the video of the SDSU Chefs' Oaxaca Culinary Immersion!
Watch the video of the SDSU Chefs' Oaxaca Culinary Immersion!

Menú Azteca is now available for ordering through SDSU Catering as well as Catering and Suites at Snapdragon Stadium. The ultimate intention to also offer some items from the menu at everyday locations available to the public both on campus and at the stadium.

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