Dietary Preferences:

We honor and respect dietary preferences across the spectrum. Look for the following icons alongside menu items in both our concessions and premium menus:

  • Vegan (V)
  • Vegetarian (VG)
  • Gluten-Friendly (GF)
  • Non-Dairy (ND)
  • Aztec Authentic Corn Icon
  • Aztec-Inspired Nopal Icon

Learn more about our Menú Azteca.

Specialty Menu Highlights:

Just a few of our favorite specialty menu items from across the stadium:

Venue Menu Item(s) Stadium Location
The Crack Shack Schmaltz Fries VG 141 (North East)
The Taco Stand (2) Mushroom Tacos with Chips & Salsa $12.00 V, ND 111 (East Side); 141 (North End)
Hodad's Vegan Burger with Fries $13.00 V, ND 102; 122; 333
Best Pizza and Brewing Best White Slice $8.00 VG, GF (upon request) 103 (East Side); 122 (Southwest Corner); 329 (Upper Deck)
Ultra Classics Veggie Dog $8.00 VG, GF (upon request) 104 (East Side); 114 (South East); 137 (North End); 327 (Upper Deck)
Ultra Classics Tamal Azteca $10.00 V, GF 104 (East Side); 114 (South East); 137 (North End); 327 (Upper Deck)
Everbowl Aztec Power $12.00 V, GF 114